Monday, April 26, 2010

Sydney Weekend =]

Okay so I haven't had a chance to express myself for a few weeks now with plenty of uni assignments, work and partying keeping me plenty busy.

The last two weeks has made me so happy and I hope nothing much changes in the next few years to come. All started last weekend with an 18th birthday party that reunited me with old friends and I also made new ones. Got a little bit more drunk than I should've but I'm 18 so what's stopping me from living my life before I get too old right?

What really has made me happy is the selfness of my friend Jane who on her 18th birthday raised over $2000 and shaved her head for cancer and looks absolutly gorgeous. I feel unfortunate that I couldn't donate much money to Jane's cause as I am a struggling uni student but I felt something was better than nothing. It's people like her who make this world a better place doing good things for other people and it makes me really sad to hear people laughing because she has no hair when I think she is the bravest girl in the world with a heart of gold.

The week after that seemed to fly by with two uni exams absoultly draining me and an exciting event to look forward to for the weekend.

This weekend I got the oppourtunity to spend the night in Sydney. I was granted free tickets in a box to the Cronulla Sharks VS Newcastle Knights. That pass allowed me free food and alcochol plus a free view to check out the Sharks after. After the game my cousin and his friend took me and my friend out in Cronulla. Was my first time out down there and I absolutely loved every minute of it. My cousin was nice enough to shout me and my friend shots and drinks and it's a night I can barely remember but will never forget.

On ANZAC day (an extremely hungover day), while we were down in Sydney we visited my Nona with my Aunty and Uncle and cousins. We had a conversation about our family members who had passed and those who are still alive and it wasn't until yesterday that I had really wondered about my family's hertiage being from Italy and it's someday I really hope to find out more of.

Nothing is more important to me then my family and those whom I surround myself with.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't wanna be anything other then what I've been trying to be lately.

Well tomorrow is offically the first game of netball for the 2010 season. I'm kinda nervous after over 2 months of training it's nothing compared to the thrill of playing a game. For the last 2 weeks netball has been my escape from the shit from uni and life and I am happy I have a hobby to keep me occupied.

This week has been very up and down for me. Just when I had thought I had found my 'true' friends I was proved wrong. I have realised that people are too bored or unhappy with their own lives they are bitching and putting me down behind my back. I am hating that people say one thing to your face then backstab behind your back. Just wish I could find some true friends who will always be there no matter what and love me and stick up for me.

This last week uni has had it's up and downs. From the tests I sat before the holidays the results came back and all very good which has made me really happy but now more tests coming up and I feel really unprepared hopefully I can find some time and get some serious study done. Seeing myself succeed at something really has made my week much brighter.

On my lovelife note, BOYS SUCK! yes you heard me they suck! They really confuse me and I cannot read them one single bit. I wish he would just tell me what he wants from me would make my life a hell of a lot easier! I want to find that boy who will spend a Saturday night in with me or out no matter what I want, I would just like to find where I can find one of these boys!

I've been spending what little spare time I have watching One Tree Hill seasons again. Hearing the lyrics "I don't wanna be anything other then what I've been trying to be lately", has really made me think about my life and where I am headed. I am loving my life right now and I don't wanna be anything other then what I've been trying to be lately. =]

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Long Weekend

The Easter weekend has now come to an end. Not being a kid anymore really changes easter but I never really noticed until this year. I really loved that my mum still made me an easter egg hunt in the morning but it's weird that I was upset that I was given too much chocolate which never used to be a problem haha.

My cousin got engaged and I am very happy for her =]
She found a good boyfriend whom she is now going to spend the rest of her life with in happiness.

Lately I have chosen sitting in my jam jams watching lame movies on a friday and saturday night over hitting the town. I'm not sure if it's the cooler weather, the late nights before early mornings or if I am just over the sleezy guys trying to get into my pants. Hoping soon I will start wanting to go out again.

I had a good weekend with two of my best friends. I forget how much I love just eating junk and watching old school videos with people who care. Laying around all day in our pjs not caring if our hair was done or if we had makeup on and that's what I miss about being little.

Why is it one boy in particular will always effect my life? He has the power to make me so unbelievably happy but also make me so upset aswell. He sometimes makes bad choices in life but I am always by his side as he is for me. I feel extremely guilty that he has hurt a friend in order to make me happy. He was strong enough to admit his fault and I am happy he made the right decision although it hurt.

A big week ahead with plenty of assignments to do, chocolate to eat and shopping to be done.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's the end of the week and the start of the easter long weekend.
Worked from 2-5 and I have never seen Coles soooo busy. Do people really think they will starve to death if they don't eat for one day? I think it's what Australia should do to reduce it's obsity rate. Also drivers. Are they for fucken real? I don't think I have seen as many bad drivers on the road today then I have in my life. Lets just break for no reason or lets do 50 in a 60 zone.

Theres my winge for the week now on to some positive bits. =]
I'll start with uni which I am currently loving. I have had a bundle of assignments and exams this week which I am proud I kept ontop of and feel I did pretty good in.
People are just genuinely nicer and more decent at uni and it makes it pleasent to be there. Sitting next to a random and suddenly you are best friends and feels like you have known eachother for years. Much easier to focus on study when I am happy in the place.

The end of the week and I still don't understand why some people say or do things they don't mean. I can't understand why he says something but then does the opposite why can't people just say what they feel? How can you be in a relationship but be inlove with someone else?
I think I have come to realise that people me included hide from the truth to shelter from being hurt as we all have felt the pain it brings and the lingering memory it leaves behind the unseen scar.