Monday, September 27, 2010

Life as we know it

"When one door closes another one opens."

This is definitely a quote for me to live my life around. When you think things are at their best or worst they aren't. This week I have found a new meaning for work, friendship and life. I can't believe just how lucky I am to have found this new family who is accepting and just amazing in every single way possible. They picked me up when I needed it most no questions asked. I've never jumped out of bed at 7am just to go to work. I love my life.

Now I've sat here looking at the cursor blinking at me for 10 minutes and I can't think of any more to share. I have nothing to whinge about no negative thoughts. This is what life is about.

Learn; Love; Share <3

Friday, September 24, 2010

The week that was

The start to the week started off with a bang. Two major life changes. Boyfriend broke up with me and I started my new job. It's funnily ironic that the worst and the best happened on the same day. After the inital shock of the break-up I am now okay. I am adjusting to life without him but miss him terribly. I'm glad it's happened but it sucks that it had to.

My job is the BEST job in the whole world. I have become part of a new family. Everyone is so unique and accepting to everyones differences and I love waking up every morning and spending the whole day interacting with them. This amazing opportunity is what has got me through this tuff time and I feel so incredibly lucky. I am also so lucky that where I have been blessed to do my core training is in the heart of beauitful Newcastle. I get to look at the beach every morning see surfers with dolphins and lay and bask the sunrays of the beautiful Spring. It's being so interesting learning about people and their interests and also the technoloy and cultures of my job. I have loved getting to know the amazing people I am going to be working with daily and can't wait to open our new store.

This week I have spent alot of time with my friends. I forgot how much I had missed them and really regret hiding away for so long and have now learnt from my mistake so the relationship has definetly taught me some things and I will not make the same mistakes again. Working fulltime I haven't really understood how difficult it is to manage your time. I have neglected some important things and it's something I really need to work on. Finally a day off tomorrow but back at work on Sunday.

When I thought I had life planned out it threw a spanner into the works.

Lets find out what future has install for me, together.

P.S I feel I should attach a video of me from last weekend just so you can know the real me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Season 3 - hearts broken

Today I feel though I have entered season 3 of what feels like a tv show on MTV. It's funny how one minute everything is fine and your making plans for the future then the carpet pulls it out from under you. My boyfriend and I of 3 months broke up tonight and even though after only 3 months it shouldn't really hurt it does. after spending that time almost conjoined to the hip it feels weird not having him around and it really sucks.

Tomorrow I start what I hope to be my future. I have two weeks of intense training of my job then hopefully start working in the store soon after. I hope to gain new skills and new friendships and a career to last a lifetime. This new job couldn't have come at a new time as it will keep me busy and my mind off the hard breakup.

I had one of the best weeks with my friends. Thursday night my best friend hosted a beautiful dinner party for all of the girls and it was so yummy it was great to catch up! Friday I got to catch up with the old crew and I can't believe how much I missed them and I don't wanna give up our stupid nights of laughing and late pizza runs! Saturday night I can't even remember but will never forget. Got a little bit more drunk than what was intended but so well worth it! I love being young. Now I am single I will have alot more time on my hands so I'm sure I'll be regurally keeping you posted on my TV series of my life. Ciao xo

Sunday, September 5, 2010

After not blogging for over a month I feel I owe it to myself to let everything out. Lately I have been going from up to down pretty dramatically. One minute I can be totally happy then one little thing just puts me in the worst mood.

Exciting things have happened in 2 months. Got the part-time job I was really hoping for, Attended my boyfriend's sisters beautiful wedding and booked another trip to Queensland.

After deferring Uni for the rest of the year and declining 2 job offers I was starting to worry I had made the wrong decisions. A month and a half after my second interview and no word I had given up hope for the job I was hoping to get. Randomly I had a missed call and voicemail informing me that I had infact gotten the position. I am really happy and can't wait to start this new chapter of life and hopefully it will take me places I had only dreamed of.

I spent last weekend in Wollongong for my boyfriend's sisters wedding and the first wedding I have ever been to and it was absolutly beautiful. From the dress, to flowers, to music everything turned out perfectly and I do wish enternal happiness for the Bride and Groom and I am extremely jealous of their 5 week hunnymoon overseas!

Queensland for the third time this year but this time will be a more romantic getaway with just me and Zachary. I am really excited as its my first trip away with a boyfriend and I can't wait to have lots of fun for the weekend!

Saturday was my netball grandfinal. After an intense semi which ended in extra time we were vsing our biggest rival once again. After heavy rain and wet courts we still played and unfortunatly things this time just didn't go our way and we sadly lost by only 2.