Monday, May 24, 2010


The most important event of the year occured this past weekend which of course was my birthday. I finally hit the age where I would love to pause life. Nineteen. It was an EXTREMELY fun weekend and I'm so greatful for all my wonderful friends who made it a very special day/night for me. It was strange to see the people who made an effort to wish me a happy birthday, people whom I barely talk to and then there were other 'friends' who couldn't give two shits if they spoke to me or not. It's the important days when the people who care shine.

The week started slow I lacked motivation in attending uni so didn't bother to go and instead layed around home and watched movies all day. loved it. Rained pretty much all week so just sat inside snuggled up in my pjs. Thursday I finally thought I should actually attend one day of uni for the week so all smelling from my spray tan I went. Friday was the day when the weekend started. Went shopping with mum, booked my queensland accomodation (in a sweeeet hotel!) and then had an awesome all you can eat dinner complimentary of Nan. Family is a concept I hold deep in my heart and I love that my birthday brang together everyone for a good time. Saturday was when all the fun was had. Breakfast with daddy and then netball was cancelled so just cleaned up the house ready for the night. Milly was nice enough to do a gorgeous job of my makeup and my friends all came over for a few drinks before heading into town. This is when my memory of the night ends unfortunatley haha but luckily cameras were around to make sure I saw what did happen! Had an amazing night :)

I can't thank everyone enough for coming and seeing everyone really made my birthday happy it's way better then gifts shows appreciation for me. Love you.

Really excited for Queensland which is now only 8 weeks and 2 days away really, really pumped for the best week of my life with an awesome friend!

Uni exams now only 2 weeks away. Nervous, but hopefully will stay calm and positive and end the semester on a positive level! Still considering deferring for the next semester and exploring around before I settle down to start the rest of my life. Can't live life boring because I never know when it's going to end.

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