Thursday, May 6, 2010


Decided to do a quick short post while I'm waiting around to go to work.
SOOOOOOO happy because I've booked a holiday to queensland for the holidays with my friend. We are the two of the most indecisive people but we managed to book flights. I can't wait to get away from all the drama of Newcastle it's way too small of a town!

Being working ALOT these last two weeks and now I'm trying to take every shift and save every penny all for my trip away which I cannot wait for only 11 more weeks yay! At work I serve many, many different types of people. This one guy has touched my life like no other. His face had been severly burnt and was now just one big scar. As much as i feel sorry for people like this man and others who have had to overcome such a painful experience it makes me feel so very lucky for myself and I feel so greatful to live the life i do live.

Today I have been wondering what I really want to do with my life. I love uni and I am enjoying my degree but I really want to experience something different before I settle down in my future. I want to live life for a while do something fun and spontaneous as your not young forever!

Birthday in a few weeks so I'm pretty excited. It's a little scary how fast this last year has gone but been a very good year. 19 is such an ugly age haha. No longer the little baby 18 year old anymore! I still get extremely excited over my birthday, it's that one day of the year when everything gets to be about me. Sounds selfish but I enjoy it alot!

People. Make up shit. People. Believe it.
ANNOYS THE FUCK OUT OF ME! I am sooooo sick of how storys are getting twisted, how people just can't tell someone else they are upset with them to there face! I know your bored with your own life but stop making stuff up about me! Something so little turns into the biggest news around when it's not even true! Seriously grow the fuck up ay. I now know you can't trust anybody to keep a secret anymore. Do not tell anyone because they don't care about you they just care about telling your life to someone else. One day I will totally unleash with all the secrets I know about people because it seems thats just what everyone else is doing.

Off to work now, I'll have a whole boring 4 hours to think about life and shit so maybe I'll be back tonight to tell you a little bit more. Until then... where else but queensland? =]

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