Sunday, May 9, 2010

Riley (L)

Really upset tonight. Coming to the realisation that my beautiful dog Riley whom has been my best friend for 13 years is old and is going to be putdown soon. He has been a member of my family for so long and has whethered all the storms by my side. I'm really hoping it won't happen anytime soon and I'm truly going to miss my little puppy. Death is such a terrbile feeling and I would never wish it upon anyone! I hate feeling the way I'm feeling right now I'm finding it hard to be somewhat happy and joyous when I know something I love is soon going to be taken away from me. It's really true how much a pet impacts on a person's life and he will never be replaced in my heart.

This week I have put alot of thought into deferring my uni degree and working overseas or something! Just wish I could decide what to do! Hopefully soon it will come to me what I want to do soon. I want to travel, explore but mainly escape. I want to leave the bullshit behind and create a life for me. There's more out there I'm just waiting to go find it.

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