Sunday, September 19, 2010

Season 3 - hearts broken

Today I feel though I have entered season 3 of what feels like a tv show on MTV. It's funny how one minute everything is fine and your making plans for the future then the carpet pulls it out from under you. My boyfriend and I of 3 months broke up tonight and even though after only 3 months it shouldn't really hurt it does. after spending that time almost conjoined to the hip it feels weird not having him around and it really sucks.

Tomorrow I start what I hope to be my future. I have two weeks of intense training of my job then hopefully start working in the store soon after. I hope to gain new skills and new friendships and a career to last a lifetime. This new job couldn't have come at a new time as it will keep me busy and my mind off the hard breakup.

I had one of the best weeks with my friends. Thursday night my best friend hosted a beautiful dinner party for all of the girls and it was so yummy it was great to catch up! Friday I got to catch up with the old crew and I can't believe how much I missed them and I don't wanna give up our stupid nights of laughing and late pizza runs! Saturday night I can't even remember but will never forget. Got a little bit more drunk than what was intended but so well worth it! I love being young. Now I am single I will have alot more time on my hands so I'm sure I'll be regurally keeping you posted on my TV series of my life. Ciao xo

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