Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Long Weekend

The Easter weekend has now come to an end. Not being a kid anymore really changes easter but I never really noticed until this year. I really loved that my mum still made me an easter egg hunt in the morning but it's weird that I was upset that I was given too much chocolate which never used to be a problem haha.

My cousin got engaged and I am very happy for her =]
She found a good boyfriend whom she is now going to spend the rest of her life with in happiness.

Lately I have chosen sitting in my jam jams watching lame movies on a friday and saturday night over hitting the town. I'm not sure if it's the cooler weather, the late nights before early mornings or if I am just over the sleezy guys trying to get into my pants. Hoping soon I will start wanting to go out again.

I had a good weekend with two of my best friends. I forget how much I love just eating junk and watching old school videos with people who care. Laying around all day in our pjs not caring if our hair was done or if we had makeup on and that's what I miss about being little.

Why is it one boy in particular will always effect my life? He has the power to make me so unbelievably happy but also make me so upset aswell. He sometimes makes bad choices in life but I am always by his side as he is for me. I feel extremely guilty that he has hurt a friend in order to make me happy. He was strong enough to admit his fault and I am happy he made the right decision although it hurt.

A big week ahead with plenty of assignments to do, chocolate to eat and shopping to be done.

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