Monday, April 26, 2010

Sydney Weekend =]

Okay so I haven't had a chance to express myself for a few weeks now with plenty of uni assignments, work and partying keeping me plenty busy.

The last two weeks has made me so happy and I hope nothing much changes in the next few years to come. All started last weekend with an 18th birthday party that reunited me with old friends and I also made new ones. Got a little bit more drunk than I should've but I'm 18 so what's stopping me from living my life before I get too old right?

What really has made me happy is the selfness of my friend Jane who on her 18th birthday raised over $2000 and shaved her head for cancer and looks absolutly gorgeous. I feel unfortunate that I couldn't donate much money to Jane's cause as I am a struggling uni student but I felt something was better than nothing. It's people like her who make this world a better place doing good things for other people and it makes me really sad to hear people laughing because she has no hair when I think she is the bravest girl in the world with a heart of gold.

The week after that seemed to fly by with two uni exams absoultly draining me and an exciting event to look forward to for the weekend.

This weekend I got the oppourtunity to spend the night in Sydney. I was granted free tickets in a box to the Cronulla Sharks VS Newcastle Knights. That pass allowed me free food and alcochol plus a free view to check out the Sharks after. After the game my cousin and his friend took me and my friend out in Cronulla. Was my first time out down there and I absolutely loved every minute of it. My cousin was nice enough to shout me and my friend shots and drinks and it's a night I can barely remember but will never forget.

On ANZAC day (an extremely hungover day), while we were down in Sydney we visited my Nona with my Aunty and Uncle and cousins. We had a conversation about our family members who had passed and those who are still alive and it wasn't until yesterday that I had really wondered about my family's hertiage being from Italy and it's someday I really hope to find out more of.

Nothing is more important to me then my family and those whom I surround myself with.

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