Monday, June 7, 2010

Because of your smile you make life beautiful

So many crazy thoughts always running through my head but I just can't seem to pull them together.

Well here's how this week started off. Netball. Lost. Complacent. Who thought that team could beat us? 3 little goals. Fail. Some people really, really frustrate me and I can't keep it in any longer. AHHHHHHHHHHH is what I feel like screaming in their ears! In hind sight the loss will do the team good. We don't feel king shit anymore and have more willpower to win.

Feel really good about leaving my comfort zone this weekend. Done something pretty random I'm normally too scared to do but did it. Result wasn't the greatest but was better then expected. A step in the right direction. Also really happy about my purchase of a new jacket really excited to wear it! :)

Sunday. Poor little whale got beached as bro on Bar Beach. Really sad the whale passed. But really random to think something like that happens in Newcastle.
Sunday night. Should've spent studying but instead found it much more appealing to watch TV. Monday morning. 2 hours before exam, really should've studied last night. 1 exam down 3 to go. Luckily my exams are fairly spread so I should learn from this and attempt to study for the remaining.

Tonight was surprisingly good. After my dad made our netball team do the beep test I felt really good. I guess running really does release the good endorphins. I came home and had a nice hot shower then snuggled up on the lounge. Discovered a show I had never heard of before. One of the funniest shows I've watched in a while; "The Inbetweeners." Can't wait till it's on again!

Tomorrow I am considering going for a back and neck massage to spoil myself for a change :)
Only 6 weeks till Queensland now getting so close can't wait!
Motto for the week; live, learn, trust, love, life

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