Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's offically the 3rd day of winter. For 2 weeks it's been raining and I really miss summer. I dislike the coldness and the sun setting early I can't wait for summer to swing back around!

Uni exams starting next week and I'm a little bit nervous. Feels like the HSC all over again. Haven't started studying yet hopefully can have a cram session this weekend and manage to pass all of my subjects.

Finally decided I am deferring uni next semester. Been applying for fulltime jobs and working holidays overseas so hopefully something soon arises. I am not too worried about what is going to happen just excited to have some time off study and time to relax and prioritise my life.

Music is my passion in life and when I'm listening to it I can't feel the rest of the world. Today downloading new tunes and making new playlists I lost track of all time and all drama and just fell into the beating song for 3 minutes. Because I was in such a good mood I went for a loooong walk occasionaly shutting my eyes to feel the song in my heart. I love it. Simple beats and lyrics really capture my heart.

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